Before you go to submit an application, find out if this loan really meets your needs. Check what other customers are saying about the Small Amount Loan and find out all the pros and cons of this offer. This article has been prepared to base primarily on the real experiences of the customers of the Small Amount Loan – and this is the most reliable source of information.

Get a payday loan as fast as 5 minutes online!

If you need a small amount of cash for a short time, then the offer of a payday loan is perfect for you. You can apply here for a payday loan of between PLN 200 and PLN 2,000 for 15 or 30 days. This is an excellent alternative to bank loans in which such small amounts are unavailable or spread over a much larger number of installments.

A Small Amount Loan is especially recommended for people who use the company’s offer for the first time. For them, it’s free. You can borrow cash without any additional fees. We give away exactly as much as we borrowed – of course, provided the deadline is met, that is 15 or 30 days.

A small payday loan can be applied to young people (who are over 21) and seniors (up to 73 years old) – provided that they do not appear in registers and credit databases and have a permanent source of income. Often, loan companies and banks present much stricter age criteria.

A Small Amount Loan is also a great help in an emergency – the company operates 7 days a week, applications can be submitted around the clock. They are also dealt with on weekends, so if you need a loan for anymore, it is worth taking advantage of the Small Amount Loan offer.

The pros of a Small Amount Loan

Each offer has its stronger and weaker points. Their reliable list will help you decide if it is worth taking a moment in a given company. See what advantages and disadvantages characterize a Small Amount Loan and make the best decision based on this comparison. Do you think we should expand the list below? Tell us about it in the comment, and we will gladly supplement the list of defects and advantages of the Small Amount Loan for your remarks.

Advantages of a Small Amount Loan:

  •         the first free loan,
  •         a wide range of loans (from PLN 200 to PLN 2000),
  •         no hidden costs,
  •         clear and fair terms of the contract,
  •         a transparent and functional website,
  •         the company also works on weekends,
  •         professional customer service,
  •         the option to extend the loan repayment date,
  •         two methods of identity verification,
  •         lack of detailed verification of clients in credit databases,
  •         high loan granting,
  •         the possibility of withdrawing from the loan within 14 days without any consequences.